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Schuldiner Resigns from Montgomery Twp Committee Following Open-Heart Surgery

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted December 22, 2022

Marvin Schuldiner, who served as deputy mayor and a township committeeman for four years, submitted his letter of resignation on December 9.

Schuldiner explains: “I underwent open-heart, triple-cardiac-bypass surgery earlier this year. My lengthy recovery has unfortunately been slowed by some pre-existing conditions. As a result, I still do not have the energy levels that this job requires, in addition to all my other responsibilities. The residents of Montgomery deserve a representative who can fully engage in this job.”

Marvin Schuldiner with his family: wife Francine Pfeffer and son Eli. He thanked this family for sticking with him through thick and thin, enduring nights without him while he served the people of Montgomery.

Montgomery voters first elected Schuldiner in 2018. He was re-elected in 2021, and his three-year-term would have expired in 2024.

Montgomery Mayor Devra Keenan announced Schuldiner’s resignation at the December 15 township committee meeting and said, “We wish him the best.”

Marvin Schuldiner, and his running mate Neena Singh, were both re-elected to Montgomery Township Committee in 2021. One of their campaign ads appears above.

Schuldiner says: "I am proud of what we have accomplished over the four years I served. We built and opened a new municipal center with a state-of-the-art library that truly reflects the character and needs of Montgomery. We kept Montgomery safe during COVID compared to other towns in the region, particularly during the early stages of the pandemic. We launched a new and improved township website, furthering our policy of transparency and open communications."

In addition, Schuldiner helped to diversify the Montgomery Township police force, hiring women as well as Asian, Latino, and other ethnic backgrounds as police officers. He also had a hand in the creation of a committee to address diversity, equity and inclusion in the township.

"And, we did all this and so much more while lowering the rate of tax increases and attaining the highest possible credit rating," he said.

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Two other township committee members also resigned this year for different reasons: Deputy Mayor Shelly L. Bell and Kent Huang.

Township committee will appoint a Democratic Party member at its next meeting in January to complete Schuldiner’s term. Rules require an appointment of an individual from the same party. All five township committee members have belonged to the Democratic Party for the past several years.

Schuldiner thanked township administrators Lori Savron and Donato Nieman, and the rest of the township staff, for their support. "Good local government is a team effort," he said.

"Finally, thank you to the residents of Montgomery who twice placed their faith in me to represent them and their interests. I hope that I brought integrity, class, and honor to the job I am now departing while keeping the people first and foremost in priority."


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