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Looking to Make a Transformative New Year’s Resolution? Volunteer with the Rocky Hill Fire Department

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted December 28, 2023 |

Princeton High School history teacher Rick Miller of Belle Mead was interested in helping others and giving back to the community. He figured that volunteering with the Rocky Hill Fire Department would be interesting. More than 25 years later, he now serves as the fire department’s president.

Rick Miller

Rick Miller, president of the Rocky Hill Fire Department.

“I have loved it ever since joining. The camaraderie we have in the department is amazing. There is an exciting element of being a part of emergency services, but there is also that strong sense of community that we have, and that is something that I have always appreciated,” said Miller.

At the Rocky Hill Fire Department, no prior experience is required, and training and gear are provided for free. Volunteers are dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Rocky Hill and surrounding communities of Princeton, Montgomery, Hillsborough, Franklin Township, Hopewell, and more. Extra hands are always needed. We are looking for volunteer ages 14 and older in the following positions:

Junior Firefighter– High school students between the ages of 14 and 17 get hands-on experience and learn from experienced firefighters. Once they turn 18, they can pursue the Firefighter 1 Course necessary to become a firefighter.

Firefighter– Firefighters, ages 18 and older, respond to emergencies ranging from structural fires to vehicular accidents to swift water rescue operations. Rocky Hill Fire Department will support new volunteers in completing the NJ State Certified Firefighter 1 training.

Administrative Volunteer– Associate members can assist the department with fundraising, social media, website and IT maintenance, representing the fire department at community events and more. 

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Rocky Hill firefighters receive local and state-certified training and learn life-saving techniques. Volunteers also learn skills that are applicable in other facets of their life. Miller has learned how to work with all different types of people, to think quickly on his feet and to be a strong leader, all of which translated to his career in education. 

Becoming a firefighter at Rocky Hill Fire Department has changed lives and provided countless benefits to volunteers. If you’re looking for a chance to start anew and dedicate your free time towards a meaningful cause in 2024, then joining the Rocky Hill Fire Department would be a perfect New Year’s resolution for you. Visit the Join Rocky Hill Fire Department website for more information.


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