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Absentee Ballots Put Montgomery School District's Full-Day Kindergarten Initiative Ahead by 12 Votes

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted November 15, 2022

Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill voters appear to have voted in favor of full day kindergarten by 12 votes, according to the most recent vote count as of 5:46 pm today. The new count includes absentee ballots. There are still an undisclosed number of provisional votes to count, so it is still too close to call this race.

Montgomery-Rocky Hill Board of Education Public Question

Should the district raise an additional $1,620,152 from property taxes for general funds in the 2022-2023 school year to provide for a full day kindergarten program? These funds will be used exclusively for additional costs required to provide for the program.

Yes — 3,788

No — 3,776

Montgomery-Rocky Hill Board of Education

3 seats open

Three newcomers are projected to have defeated the incumbents. The high vote getters so far are Joanna Filak, Michelle Dowling, and Anna Wolecka-Jernigan.

Joanna Filak — 2,859

Michelle Dowling — 2,627

Anna Wolecka-Jernigan — 2,466

Craig Rothenberg — 2,170

Richard Specht (incumbent) — 1,977

Phyllis Bursh (incumbent) — 1,956

Douglas Herring — 1,864

Mohammed Fahd Ansari — 1,750

Danish Mirza — 1,502

John A. Sangiovanni III — 1,342

Leading candidates are highlighted in bold. These initial tallies do not represent the final election outcome. Results will be added as they become available, and therefore the reports on this page will change until final certification on November 26.

Ballots that are mailed in and postmarked by November 8 were accepted until November 14 and are still being counted, as are the provisional ballots, which cannot be counted until all mail-in ballots are tallied. Detailed information and results on every race can be found on the county’s website.

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The Montgomery News will continued to report on the vote counts as they are tallied. See related story for Why Election Results are delayed.


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