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Five Candidates File for Montgomery School Board General Election in November

By Barbara A. Preston | July 31, 2019

Five candidates filed to run for five open spots on the Montgomery Township Board of Education on July 29, which was the deadline for filing a petition to run in the November election.

Candidates include:

(1) Shreesh R. Tiwari for a three-year term (his own seat).

(2) Jinesh "Jin" Patel for a three-year term. ( The seat is currently held by Dharmesh Doshi, who has decided not to run again.)

(3) Phyllis Bursh for a three-year term (her own seat).

(4) Michael J. Morack, Jr. for a two-year term. ( This was Rick Cavalli’s seat. Cavalli resigned from the board last year.)

(5) Raghib Muhammad for a one-year term. (This seat belonged to Paul Johnson, who recently resigned from the board.)

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