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Five Candidates File for Montgomery School Board General Election in November

Five candidates filed to run for five open spots on the Montgomery Township Board of Education on July 29, which was the deadline for filing a petition to run in the November election.

Candidates included:

(1) Shreesh R. Tiwari for a three-year term (his own seat).

(2) Jinesh "Jin" Patel for a three-year term. ( The seat is currently held by Dharmesh Doshi, who has decided not to run again.)

(3) Phyllis Bursh for a three-year term (her own seat).

(4) Michael J. Morack, Jr. for a two-year term. ( This was Rick Cavalli’s seat. Cavalli resigned from the board last year.)

(5) Raghib Muhammad for a one-year term. (This seat belonged to Paul Johnson, who recently resigned from the board.)