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Somerset County Plans for Flood Debris Pickup; Biden Visits Manville; Damages Still Being Assessed

Updated September 7, 2021

As President Joe Biden visits Manville, Somerset County officials and municipalities are still assessing damages and preparing for cleanup. As of Monday, Gov Murphy reported 27 deaths, and five people still missing.

At least a third of the deaths were people who drowned after being trapped in their vehicles. Five days after Hurricane Ida passed through the state, officials were still calculating the devastation.

Somerset County issued guidelines on Monday for storm debris pickup for properties adjacent to the Millstone River — this includes the portions of Rocky Hill and Montgomery Township that are immediately adjacent to the river. Local municipal governments will be scheduling bulk pickups for other residents who experienced flooding in their basements and homes.

For curbside pickup, Somerset County will require flood debris to be placed in separate piles, see graphic above. Debris categories include: food waste; landscaping or "vegetative" waste; bulky items, such as wet carpets, furniture, and barbecue grills; appliances; electronics; and hazardous waste.

The timing for the county pickup is still to be determined.

Please note the Somerset County debris pickup is exclusively for Millstone River related flooding and does not include any debris from flooded properties that are not adjacent to the river.

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The Montgomery Container Facility at 12 Harlingen Road is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 2 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm. Resident can drop off flood debris there during those hours. Call 908.359.8211 ext. 2200 for more information on visit the website.

Montgomery Township will be posting a form on the township website on Tuesday evening for residents who cannot make it to the container facility. Visit the website after 5 pm on Tuesday to access the online form.

Rocky Hill will hold a separate Flood Debris Pickup for residents who do not live adjacent to the river. These would be people primarily with flooded basements from excessive rain. Mayor Robert Uhrik reported an unprecedented 9 inches of rain in the borough on Wednesday, September 1 as a result of Hurricane Ida.

"The borough is working on a plan to collect debris from flooded basements," according a message on the Rocky Hill website. "Please be patient with us as many towns are in need of dumpsters and removal."

On Labor Day, a small army of friends and neighbors labored to help Iron Core Boot Camp owner Alex Obe clean out his gym, which experienced severe flooding. Obe of Rocky Hill is pictured on the right. Photos by Richard D. Smith.

Please email Rocky Hill Clerk Rebecca Newman at or call the office at 609.924.7445 if you have debris from a flooded a basement or house. Residents should include the following information: name and address; and an approximate quantity of debris. For example, specify 10 contractor bags (42 gallons each) of debris, 5 wheel barrow loads, a pickup truck load etc. Anyway you can quantify would be very helpful.

Rocky Hill Borough officials will announce a pickup date as soon as they are able to get a plan in place.

President Joe Biden and Gov Phil Murphy visit flood-ravaged Manville

President Biden touched down aboard Marine One at Central Jersey Airport in Hillsborough just before noon today (Tuesday, Sept 7) to meet with officials and to visit Manville.

Biden has already ordered federal assistance to supplement state, county, and local response efforts. The Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will coordinate the disaster relief efforts.


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