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Seven Stonebridge Residents Died of COVID during the Holidays

Barbara A. Preston | JANUARY 6, 2021

The Montgomery Township Health Department today reported that six Stonebridge retirement community residents died between December 26 and January 5. The department had reported a COVID death at Stonebridge on December 16 as well, bringing the total number of holiday-gathering related deaths to seven.

Stonebridge had experienced a surge of 15 novel coronavirus cases after Thanksgiving, Health Officer Stephanie Carey said in a telephone interview. The health department continues to advise people to stay home as much as possible, and had asked people to refrain from holiday gatherings.

In addition, the first COVID death was reported in Rocky Hill the last week of December. Rocky Hill has had a total of 17 cases of COVID, according to the Somerset County Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Hub.

Montgomery Township has had a total of 516 cases of COVID, with 14 fatalities, according to the Somerset County COVID website. The total number of COVID cases in Montgomery Township differ, with the Montgomery Health Department reporting a total of 630 total cases of COVID. The news differ because the Montgomery Health Departments counts rapid response tests, while Somerset County only counts lab tests.

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Stonebridge is one of more than 400 continuing care facilities in New Jersey dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks. The Montgomery Health Department is working with Stonebridge management on infection control and is providing other forms of support. All Stonebridge residents and staff are currently being tested weekly for COVID-19, in line with state guidelines. The recent deaths occurred during the holiday period. “The news of six more COVID deaths at Stonebridge is extremely sad, and we are engaged with Stonebridge management to address the situation,” said Montgomery Township Administrator Donato Nieman. “On behalf of the township, I offer condolences to the family members of these lost members of our community.”


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