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Robin Fox, 89


(Died January 18, 2024)

Robin Fox

Places that represent some of anthropologist Robin Fox’s great adventures who died from dementia at Stonebridge Skilled Nursing on January 18, 2024, at age 89:

England, Harvard, Santa Fe, Exeter, Tory Island, London School of Economics, Stanford, Oxford / Cambridge, Europe, Sanibel, NYC, Rutgers, Princeton.

When life for two becomes life for one: 1. cooking becomes a chore; 2. a chat with morning tea in anticipation of the day is held in the imagination of one who loved; 3. the gifts of friendly words and food are bittersweet; 4. children are the reward, but they must fly away; 5. the bed is only half full.

Thank you to all for your kindness and attention to Robin in his last days, Lin Fox, widow.


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