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Ivette Mateiescu, 2022 Candidate for One-Year Term on Rocky Hill Borough Council

Independent Candidate

Ivette Mateiescu

Marketing consultant JC Strings, LLC


If elected, I plan to serve for as long as I’m a resident. Our home is on the market but has not sold yet. The decision to move was not motivated by my campaign, it was a tough decision, and if anything, was delayed because of how passionate I am about the borough and serving on council. My husband Nick and I have two children. I am a homeschool mom.

Why are you running?

I care about this community and want to see it move forward. Serving on both the planning board and the community group, I have become invested in the future of Rocky Hill. Joining the council will afford me the opportunity to continue to be involved on a new level.

Top three issues:

At the forefront are the water filtration system and MJM Library, however, a lack of overall communication from the council to the residents is a growing concern. Community outreach and involvement has declined due to the trials of the past few years. Getting back to having community events and in-person meetings will help.

Economic growth ideas:

I would love to see Rocky Hill’s village center become a destination for culinary and cultural attractions. Along with new restaurants, bakeries, and retail shops, enhancing the historic district features would give new life to the borough.

Thoughts on Mary Jacobs Memorial Library:

I would like to see 64 Washington Street remain a library, whether it remains as part of the SCLS or becomes a smaller private library.

However, if this is unable to come to fruition, maintaining the building as a municipal center would be the next best thing. The building is larger than our current borough hall therefore providing ample space to hold council meetings as well as social community gatherings.

Goals for the municipal water system:

The municipal water system has served the borough well over the years. Once the modifications proposed to remedy the PFOS are in place, it will continue to provide residents with clean, drinkable water. An agreement with NJ American water should not be excluded completely but perhaps not used as a primary solution.

Policing and public safety:

The safety of Rocky Hill residents is a top priority. While a shared service with a local police department would be beneficial for immediate response in an emergency, the NJ State Police are highly trained and capable of more protection and superb service. An agreement where a local unit can respond and assess the situation until the State Police can arrive will provide the best service to Rocky Hill. ■


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