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Groceries and a Customer's Cell Phone Stolen at Shoprite in Montgomery Township

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted December 19, 2023

A customer inadvertently placed her cellular telephone on a shelf at the Skillman ShopRite on Route 206 while grocery shopping on December 11.

Upon realizing her phone was missing, she re-traced her steps and could not locate the phone. Montgomery Township police said a review of the store’s security camera footage and other investigative techniques led to the identification of a suspect—Rosa E. Munoz-Chavez, 47, of Monmouth Junction.

ShopRite on Route 206 in the Skillman section of Montgomery Township.

The security camera footage also revealed the suspect was engaged in shoplifting while in the store. Police say Munoz-Chavez was observed placing numerous items in her purse and bypassing the cashiers upon exiting the store.

Montgomery detectives contacted the suspect and requested she report to police headquarters. Munoz-Chavez surrendered the stolen cellular telephone to police on December 14. (Police returned it to the victim). 

Munoz-Chavez was charged with theft and shoplifting and released from police custody. She will appear in Montgomery Municipal Court. ■



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