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Catherine Plunkett, 2022 Rocky Hill Borough Council Candidate

Democratic Party

Catherine "Cat" Plunkett

Microbiologist at PTC in Princeton


She has lived in Rocky Hill for seven years and is married to David Plunkett.

Why are you running?

I want to keep improving the Rocky Hill’s water system by continuing the efforts to remediate PFAS contamination and the aging infrastructure. My agenda includes promoting green initiatives and creating family fun earth day events.

Top three issues:

PFAS remediation, the library, and the Schafer tract.

Economic growth ideas.

Seeing a bakery on the main street and more businesses in the industry park would benefit the town.

Thoughts on Mary Jacobs Memorial Library:

I hope for the library to be reopened and to supply a place where people can escape their house and attend resources the library can supply. The public has voiced their want to see the library open again, so that’s what I will fight for. I will vote on any decisions that leads to the library actually opening up their doors.

What are your goals for the municipal water system?

A grant was given to fix the PFAS issue and so it makes fiscal sense to keep our own water production.

Policing and public safety:

The NJ State Police from the Kingwood Township Route 12 Barracks can take nearly an hour to respond to a 911 call from Rocky Hill.

There has to be a better way to get Rocky Hill a quicker response time for emergency calls. The solution might include sharing services with a neighboring town. ■


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