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Roundup of Montgomery Township Happenings

Pickleball, Events, and the Demolition of Dilapidated Buildings

By Lori Savron | Posted July 6, 2023

As we welcome the start of the summer season, I encourage everyone to visit Montgomery’s beautiful parks and trails. Whether you are an avid pickleball player or just curious, you can expect more opportunities to play in town. We are working with the board of education to create up to six pickleball courts at the Montgomery Lower Middle School tennis complex. We are also reviewing other locations for additional pickleball courts.

Another summertime favorite in Montgomery is the farmers market held every Saturday morning at the Village Shoppes at 1378 Route 206. In addition to fresh vegetables and cut flowers, you can pick up pasture-raised beef, pork and lamb, pickles, Indian-style sauces, and empanadas.

Building on Route 518 in Skillman gets demolished.

The dilapidated former auto parts store at 990 Route 518 in Skillman was demolished in June.

Clean-up of the Montgomery Gateway

The 518/206 intersection remains a high priority. We intend to use every tool available in order to clean up the intersection.

June brought the demolition of another dilapidated structure. The former auto parts store at 990 Route 518 followed the demolition of the former Gamma Tech building at 1026 Route 518.

The adjacent abandoned gas station at the corner is anticipated to be next as the property owner has obtained quotes for the work and we anticipate permits being pulled this summer.

Former gas station on Route 206 in Skillman NJ

The former Texaco gas station, now an eyesore at the corner of routes 206 and 518, is expected to be demolished this summer or early fall. The property owner wants to put a Dunkin' there, and has been involved in litigation with the township.

1026 Route 518 Skillman NJ

The former Gamma Tech office building at 1026 Route 518 in Skillman, behind Wawa, was torn down in January.

Road Work/Household Trash

The Department of Public Works has been active this spring with repaving Kildee and Brandywine roads as well as streamlining the container facility permit process.

The container facility is basically a giant dumpster for Montgomery Township residents only for the purpose of disposing of household items that are not recyclable, not hazardous waste, and that cannot be collected by their trash hauler.

It is open every non-holiday Tuesday and Thursday, from 8 am to 2 pm. Furthering our efforts to improve convenience and automation, you can now purchase coupons and schedule your appointment online.

If you prefer to pay by check, call Michelle at 908.874.3144 or visit the township website.

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Princeton Center for Dental Aesthetics

Flood Issues

In our efforts to address flooding issues that impact many parts of the town, one ongoing campaign is our maintenance program for the 50 stormwater detention basins owned by Montgomery Township. (Others are owned by Somerset County or a private homeowners association).

We are pleased to report that Montgomery was one of 30 projects receiving a competitive state grant for green infrastructure projects. Montgomery will receive $431,000 from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to convert existing outdated stormwater detention basins into green infrastructure. Some of the changes include removing the concrete low-flow channels and replacing turf grass with native-meadow vegetation.

Basin retrofits are an ideal approach for providing additional stormwater runoff volume/flood control and water quality improvements within a previously developed residential landscape. Stormwater basins capture large areas of directly connected impervious coverage and provide the first opportunity for the stormwater runoff to contact vegetation and soil where it can be treated and potentially infiltrated into the soil.

Retrofitting stormwater basins is the most cost-effective approach to reduce flood risk and improve water quality for the surrounding residential areas and waterways. This is just one measure the township is taking to mitigate the impacts of flooding. This is timely as we prepare to head into another hurricane season and recall the lasting impacts of Ida.


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