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CVS Reopens After Skillman Resident's Vehicle Suddenly Accelerated into the Building

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted December 11, 2023 (Updated 5 pm)

The CVS on the corner of Route 206 and Princeton Avenue had to close suddenly on Friday at 3:40 pm when a Skillman resident accidentally drove his car into the side of the building.

The impact created a large hole in the western exterior brick wall of the building, according to the Princeton police report. Due to possible structural damage, the Princeton Fire Company evacuated the building for safety reasons. A store manager said the store reopened this morning (Monday, December 11). The cosmetic section, though, remains closed.

The parking lot of the CVS on Route 206 and Princeton Avenue was closed on Monday morning. Plywood covers the area where the vehicle impacted the wall.

A police investigation revealed that the driver, Robert Varrin, 90, of Skillman was parking his vehicle in a handicap space when he accidently pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. Police issued a careless driving ticket to Varrin.

No injuries were reported.

The driver's car had minimal damage, police said, just scratched paint, a dented passenger side front fender, and a flat front tire.

The cosmetic section of the store remained closed on Monday morning. The pharmacy was open.

A store employee said the brickface on the building looks stronger than it actually is. An inside wall split and some shelves were dislodged.


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