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Board of Ed Seeks Volunteers to Sit on Anti-Racism & School Reform Committee

By Barbara A. Preston l January 26, 2021

The Anti-Racism and Reform Committee (ARRC), a Montgomery School District Board of Education sub-committee, is looking for Montgomery and Rocky Hill residents to serve as members on this new committee.

School Board President Phyllis Bursh (left) with Norelis Martinez, a teacher in the Montgomery school district, at the Monty4Justice rally at Mill Pond Park in June.

Interested residents must apply online by February 9.

The ARRC mission is “to develop and foster an anti-racist and inclusive community that includes students, caregivers, educators, staff, the board of education, and local citizens,” according to the school website.

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ARRC is looking for community members with the following skills and qualities to serve on the committee:

  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively.

  • Exhibit the ability to reflectively listen.

  • Display exemplary character and personal conduct. Must be trustworthy, honest, respectful, responsible, prideful, and culturally plural.

  • Exhibit an outstanding attitude and overall disposition.

  • Show the ability to display empathy for others. ■


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