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21-Year Montgomery Police Veteran Promoted to Lieutenant

By Barbara A. Preston | May 10, 2024

Jason Larsen joined the Montgomery Police Department in 2003, back when Montgomery still had an annual rodeo. Since then, Larsen has served the township with distinction as a patrol officer, a detective, and a sergeant. Most recently, he was an acting lieutenant and the acting administrative division commander, where he was responsible for administrative personnel, overseeing the records and management division, and overseeing hiring and recruiting, policy and development.

Larsen was promoted to the position of lieutenant and administrative division commander on May 2, and will continue in his role as press information officer.

Montgomery Mayor Neena Singh swears in Lt. Jason Larsen. His two daughters hold the Bible. Photo by Barbara A. Preston.

Capt. Silvio Bet acknowledged past police department leaders at the Montgomery Township Committee meeting on May 2, during the promotion ceremony. Many attended the meeting, including retired captain/director Robert Palmer, Lt. Kenneth Chrusz, and Lt. Guy Fillebrown.

"Each has been a role model and mentor to me throughout my career," Bet said.

"Montgomery had four sergeants who were eligible for the position [of lieutenant], and two declared candidacy: Acting Lieutenant Jason Larsen (Public Information Officer) and Sergeant Sean Sullivan (Traffic Bureau). I am proud of both candidates, for their performance and for wanting to have a bigger role and responsibility in this agency," Bet said.

Sullivan and Larsen were classmates in the police academy 21 years ago.

"They each expressed their sincere respect and admiration for the other. It wasn't a competition. It was a team effort, and they both did great," Bet said.

Larsen graduated from St. Joseph High School in Metuchen, and earned a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Kean University in 2002. He graduated from the Burlington County Police Academy in 2003, and he earned a master's degree in Human Services from Seton Hall University in 2017.

"Jason has not only demonstrated proficiency, but has excelled in this complex position — bringing innovation and progression to the division and applying it to many of its components, including our agency's recruiting strategies," Bet said.

"He is committed to guiding the police department in its role in the community and representing Montgomery Township at the highest level."


Larsen serves alongside Capt. Bet as the liaison to the Montgomery/Rocky Hill Municipal Alliance, which brings together representatives from local governmental bodies, the educational system, the health care community, law enforcement, business, labor, religious leaders, civic associations, social entities, and the community at large. The coalition plans and coordinates community programs and activities that help prevent substance abuse and promotes the health and welfare of children and adults.

They both also serve as liaisons to Montgomery Mosaic, a local nonprofit community group whose mission is to create a community in which all members are seen, valued, and heard.

"Jason's values align with both the NJ Attorney General's Directives and with the township's initiatives regarding mental health, diversity, equity, and inclusion."

Larsen thanked his wife, Michelle. "I know there's been a lot of lonely nights and weekends," he said. "I couldn't do this with the support of you."

"I will continue to do my best for all our officers," he said. "I am humbled to [have been] selected as a lieutenant here in Montgomery, and it is truly an honor to continue to serve this community."


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