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Montgomery Artist Finds Creativity in a Barn Shared with Cows

The Montgomery News | Posted September 10, 2023

Montgomery-based artist and sculptor, Don Campbell, has discovered the ideal studio space nestled in a charming Hopewell barn he occasionally shares with a pair of cows. Although his co-tenants tend to graze in the pasture most of the time, Campbell has found immense inspiration in this unique setting.

The barn section he currently rents previously served as an antique store but had remained vacant for several years. Campbell's wife stumbled upon a studio rental listing on a local social media platform. While the space required extensive cleaning and revitalizing, it proved to be a timely and suitable fit for his artistic endeavors.

Montgomery Artist Don Campbell in his new studio.

Montgomery Artist Don Campbell in his new Hopewell studio, which he shares with two cows.

Campbell enthusiastically describes his newfound creative haven, saying, "I love the studio space; it's bright and peaceful, offering a picturesque view of the surrounding farmland. It's the perfect environment for my creative juices to flow."

Since moving into his barn studio in March, Campbell has embarked on a new artistic journey, crafting a series of sculptures he aptly named "The Dance of Consciousness." These abstract forms mark a departure from his signature realistic human sculptures. He reflects on this shift, stating, "They spring from my imagination, brought to life through my hands."

Don Cambell's sculptures

Don Campbell's latest sculptures, crafted in his Hopewell studio.

He adds, "I felt a desire to let go and allow my hands to give birth to something entirely new. This newfound studio space allows me the freedom to explore my creativity limitlessly, and the ideas keep piling up. There's so much I want to accomplish, and only so many hours in a day – a nice challenge to have."

Campbell is no stranger to creativity; he has authored a book titled "Creativity, It's Not What You Think," which delves into his personal journey of artistic expression. "Imagination and intuition are the cornerstones of a successful artist," he remarks. "Some even consider them the sixth and seventh senses, a sentiment I wholeheartedly endorse. Imagination and unwavering trust in intuitive impulses are the pathways to creating something genuinely innovative, and this isn't exclusive to artists alone."

Currently, Campbell is actively participating in the Hopewell Tour Des Arts show scheduled for this month. He is diligently preparing new artwork for the event, which runs from September 30 to October 1. Two other artists will be joining Campbell at his studio for this event.

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In addition to showcasing his work in various exhibitions, Campbell also undertakes commission work and has been in many shows. His sculptures adorn private collections across New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Canada, and Argentina. His sculpting journey spans over three and a half decades, all while managing his advertising agency, which he now operates part-time as he dedicates more of his time to his art. His early career in graphic design always kept art at its core, and today, he balances his time between the studio, writing, some work, and volunteering for non-profit organizations.

Works in progress inside Don Campbell's studio.

Works in progress inside Don Campbell's studio.

To discover more about the Hopewell Tour Des Arts, show and plan a visit to Campbell's studio, please visit For a deeper dive into Campbell's artistry and to explore more of his remarkable creations, visit


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