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Mary Corneliussen, 78

Long-time Rocky Hill resident

(1946 - 2024)

Mary F. Corneliussen Obituary

It is with great sorrow that the family of Mary F. Corneliussen reports that on May 24, 2024 Mary died following a months-long struggle to recover from several major surgeries. She was 78 years old.

Mary was a resident of Princeton/Rocky Hill for half a century. She leaves behind her devoted sister Nancy, her loving little dog Pearl, siblings Steve, Kristi, and families along with several treasured friends who gave selflessly and tirelessly of their time, care and encouragement during these last difficult months. We love them and thank them profusely for their constant friendship and support.

Her sister shares the following tribute as a remembrance of all that was so uniquely Mary:

"My sister died today. She was a tough sister in more ways than most. Tough good and tough not so much so. She taught me how to smoke. Mentored me in four letter expletives.  Endorsed my sophomoric shenanigans.

"She made things. Fabulous things. Unbelievable works of art. She collected things. Many things. She treasured things. She admired things. She knew things about most everything. And she hated lots of things.

"She could do ANYTHING until she decided she couldn’t.

"She loved her dogs. Gus, Barney, Lizzy, and Pearl all. She adored her kitties. Phoebe and Susie both.

"She owned a Sears kit cottage, in which she made a wonderfully curated cozy home — an unintentional showcase of creativity and eye for design and detail. And an accumulation of more many things, treasures all.

"She saw her god in the innocence of animals, the guilelessness of babies, the poetry of music, the abundant beauty in nature, the brilliance of fine art, the craftsmanship of things well made, the genius of perfectly penned prose.

"She was terrifically talented, constantly curious, relentlessly resourceful, and seriously self referential. 

"She was a self-made cynic, a master of misery, an aficionado of irony, a dedicated fan of funny, an unfiltered fount of opinions. 

"I loved her and I will miss not-so-merry Mary, sister mine."

Mary requested that there be no memorial service.  Her wishes are that contributions  be made to the pet rescue charity of your choice.


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