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Improving Walkability in Montgomery

By Lori Savron | Posted August 17, 2023

This summer there has been quite a bit of progress made on important township goals.

Improving walkability with crosswalks and new sidewalks, and providing housing options that maximize the existing public transit NJ Transit 605 bus line, are two ongoing projects.

For the 206/518 intersection, township officials continue to improve the physical appearance (with the recent demolition of vacant buildings – and more to come!), and reducing traffic congestion as new loop roads are being completed.

Folks can now walk to the bus stop. Above: Workers install a sidewalk along Route 206, near Orchard Road, in July.

Pedestrian Safety

The township committee holds pedestrian safety, accessibility, and connectivity as a high priority and incorporates it into multiple plans and policies.

Within the targeted area of 206/518, a combination of public and private investments in pedestrian facilities is in the process of being constructed. Once complete, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities will be able to safely move along and across the main thoroughfares including the new loop roads of Village Drive and Brecknell Way.

The recent pedestrian upgrades to the traffic signal and crosswalk at the intersection of Route 206 and the two shopping centers (Montgomery Shopping Center and Village Shoppes at Montgomery) have created what is intended to be the main pedestrian crossing between those two destinations. Signs directing pedestrians to that signalized intersection were added, and more is planned.

Deputy Mayor Neena Singh heads a working group on pedestrian safety that includes multiple township departments charged with implementing these improvements, as well as leading the outreach efforts that are underway with residents who reside in this area.

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Access to the New Library

The other high priority is providing safe pedestrian and bicycle access to the municipal offices and Montgomery library. To that end, progress continues on improvements along Orchard Road, including a half-mile of new sidewalk, bike lanes, and a crosswalk at Autumn Lane.

Funded largely by a state grant, the last portion of the project will be completed by the state, which includes crosswalk striping across State Highway 206 to the Bridgepoint Road sidewalks, as well as the curb ramps and upgrades to the 206 traffic signal, all of which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

We appreciate your patience as the vision that was set many years ago for this area of town comes to fruition.

Lori Savron is the Montgomery Township Administrator.


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