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A Local Businesswoman and Cyclist Died After Being Struck by a Motor Vehicle in Millstone Twp

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted September 7, 2023 (Updated September 12, 2023)

Marina Vrahnos, 61, an avid cyclist known to many Montgomery and Princeton-area residents for her work as a massage artist, dog walker, and errand services provider (especially grocery shopping for elderly persons), died after a motorist crashed into her while she was pedaling her bicycle on Route 571 in Millstone Township on Monday, September 4, at 8:30 am.

Marina Vrahnos

Cyclist Marina Vrahnos at Starbucks in Montgomery Township in June. Photo courtesy of Richard D. Smith.

Vrahnos was riding her bike when a driver in a Kia Sedona traveling southbound on Route 571 struck her at milepost 28 in Millstone, Monmouth County, according the NJ State Police. The driver, who was not identified, remained at the scene after the crash. First responders transported Vrahnos, who suffered severe head injuries, to the Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune City, where she was on life support and later died.

Route 571 is a scenic route through the Pinelands that is popular with cyclists. State Police said the crash is still under investigation.

Rocky Hill resident Richard D. Smith, who was a good friend, said, "She was a delightful person, very giving. For many years she applied her cycling skills and stamina to the Anchor House charity fund-raising rides," he said. "She was much loved and will be hugely missed."

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Vrahnos lived in Lambertville, where she had a home studio. In addition to Anchor House charity rides, she participated in Princeton Free Wheelers events.

She's survived by a son, Demetri, and her domestic partner Claudio Zancani.

Motorists are advised to heed the NJ Safe Passing Law. Information is available on the NJ Bike & Walk Coalition webpage. Want to help spread the word about this still-too-little-known law? Click here to see how you can help!


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