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4 Candidates Vie for 2 Seats on Montgomery Township Committee

By Barbara A. Preston | September 29, 2022

Montgomery Township residents will select two of four candidates for Township Committee when they go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8.

The terms of Mayor Devra Keenan and Committee Member Kent Huang will expire in December. Huang resigned in May, and Township Committee appointed Vincent Barragan to fill the remainder of his term. Both Barragan and Keenan are running as members of the Democratic Party for three more years on Township Committee.

Two new challengers will represent the Republican Party — Ayush Nallapally and write-in candidate Jarrett Quick.

The Montgomery News talked to each candidate to get a sense of where they stand on the issues. The the click for each candidate above to read their profiles.

About Montgomery Township Committee

There are five members of Montgomery Township Committee: the mayor, deputy mayor, and three other members. Currently, all five members represent the Democratic Party.

The township committee is the main legislative power of the township, and in matters of health by the Board of Health. The committee organizes annually during the first week in January, at which time it elects a mayor and a deputy mayor from among its members.

Mayor Keenan is completing her second year as mayor. The mayor earns an annual salary of $5,562. Township committee members each earn $4,169.

The mayor presides at meetings of the township committee. The mayor also has the power to appoint subcommittees of the township committee with the consent of the committee. Other duties of the mayor include: Sign and execute documents and agreements on behalf of the township when authorized; Make proclamations concerning holidays and events of interest in the township; Exercise the ceremonial power of the township. In the absence or disability of the mayor, the deputy mayor shall act as mayor.

Members of the township committee are elected, usually for three-year terms, by the people of Montgomery.

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Montgomery Township Committee Meetings:

The Montgomery Township Committee meets the first and third Thursday of the month at 7 pm, and by special meeting as necessary and publicly noticed. ■


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