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US Post Office Card to Montgomery Area Residents Misstates 2020 Election Process

Every "active voter" in New Jersey will receive a vote by mail ballot automatically.

Montgomery area postal customers received post cards from the United States Postal Service this week that gave incorrect information about the process for New Jersey voters to cast their ballots in the 2020 general election.  The cards urged voters to request vote by mail ballots early, but in New Jersey all active voters will receive ballots automatically.

In fact, "we will be mailing ballots to every active registered voter in Somerset County by October 5, and they should be received by October 10,” said Somerset County Clerk Steve Peter. “The only reason to submit a Vote by Mail ballot request is if you ballot is lost or damaged and you require a replacement.”

If voters have not received their ballot by October 10, they are encouraged to contact the Clerks’ office at 908.231.7013 to determine if a new ballot should be mailed. Voters cannot request a second ballot if they have already submitted one.

Some polling locations will be open in NJ (at least one per municipality and 50 percent of the locations overall), but only for voting by paper provisional ballots (only those with disabilities that prevent them from using a paper ballot may use a machine, and will have to sign an affidavit) or (new this time) to drop off their own completed Vote by Mail ballot.

More information on how Somerset County voters can participate in the 2020 General Election is available at


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