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Full Day Kindergarten Approved in Montgomery Township by 42 Votes / Rocky Hill Mayor Reelected

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted November 26, 2022

Two local races that were too close to call are now decided: Montgomery and Rocky Hill voters approved adding a full-day kindergarten by 42 votes; Rocky Hill reelected Mayor Bob Uhrik by 17 votes over his challenger.

Montgomery and Rocky Hill voters narrowly approved a referendum to add a full-day kindergarten program in the school district. Voters passed the referendum by 42 votes according to the Somerset County Clerk's Office — 3,891 to 3,849.

It took until Thanksgiving Day for the all the votes — including early voting, absentee and provisional ballots — to be counted and certified. Early results on November 8 favored the nay voters — with 3,584 voting no to 3,522 in favor.

The Montgomery School District has the green light to raise an additional $1,620,152 from property taxes for general funds in the 2022-2023 school year to provide for a full day kindergarten program. These funds will be used exclusively for additional costs required to provide for the program.

The county clerk also certified Montgomery school board winners: Joanna Filak (2,904), Michelle Dowling (2,687) and Ania "Anna" Wolecka-Jernigan (2,502). The next closest candidate was Craig Rothenberg (2,224).

Rocky Hill Mayoral Race

Bob Uhrik (D), incumbent, defeated his challenger Former Mayor Ed Zimmerman (I) with a count of 191 to 174. The results were certified by the Somerset County Clerk.

Mayor Uhrik had led by just three votes on election night. A week later, his lead expanded to 16 votes. The final lead as of November 26 was 17 votes.

Montgomery Township Committee

Incumbent Mayor Devra Keenan (D) and incumbent Vincent Barragan (D) are the certified winners of the two open seats on township committee.

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