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Belle Mead Resident Awakes to Find a Burglar Standing in His Foyer, Car Stolen from a 2nd Burglary on Same Day

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted June 12, 2024

A Whippoorwill Way homeowner in Belle Mead was awakened by a loud noise from the first floor of the residence and observed a person standing in the foyer. The individual in the residence fled after seeing the homeowner. The homeowner later discovered his wallet was stolen and a window lock was damaged on June 4 at 4:02 am, police said.

Later that morning, the Montgomery Township Police responded to a second burglary at a Whippoorwill Way home. At 7:08 am, police responded to the second residence for a reported motor vehicle theft. Police determined that the victim’s house was entered through an unlocked door. The burglar took the vehicle keys and a wallet from in the kitchen, and subsequently stole the victim’s 2023 BMW.

Burglary on Whippoorwill Way in Belle Mead, NJ

The detective bureau is investigating and anyone with information is asked to contact Montgomery

Police at 908.359.3222.

An Increase Residential Burglaries

Recently, Montgomery Township and surrounding communities have experienced an increase in residential burglaries and stolen automobiles, according to Lt. Jason Larsen of the Montgomery Police Department.

"Some of these burglaries have occurred in the overnight hours while residents have been asleep in their houses," he said. "While Montgomery Police continue to be vigilant in our patrolling of neighborhoods and working collaboratively with other law enforcement agencies at the local, county and state levels to deter and apprehend criminals, we want to remind residents of valuable tips and practices to help keep your property safe."

  • Keep cars locked and key fobs safely located in the residence;

  • Lock all doors and windows to your houses;

  • Park cars in a garage if you can;

  • Familiarize yourself with any tracking capabilities of your vehicles;

  • Report all suspicious activity in a timely manner;

  • Use lights with motion sensors and timers;

  • Install and use a security system in your house;

  • Use surveillance cameras to monitor your property;

  • Notify the police department if you will be on vacation (Forms are available on the police department website)


Paris Baguette in Belle Mead, NJ

Should you suspect someone entered your home, call 9-1-1 immediately and stay in a safe location. Our police officers will respond immediately and investigate. "The safety of our residents in our community is our highest priority," Larsen said.


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