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A New Podcast Prompts Attorney General to Reopen Montgomery Murder Case

By Barbara A. Preston | July 7, 2022

The deaths of John and Joyce Sheridan, who lived on Meadow Run Drive in Montgomery, have received renewed attention after the release of a podcast from WNYC Studios: Dead End: A New Jersey Political Murder Mystery.

The Sheridans’ four sons asked the NJ Attorney General to get involved several times since their parents’ deaths, according to Nancy Solomon, a senior reporter and the founding managing editor of New Jersey Public Radio.

First, they disagreed with the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office’s initial theory, which was that John Sheridan had killed his wife and then himself, Solomon told NPR’s Morning Edition. “But, also, because an independent medical examiner had discovered that the knife that killed John Sheridan was missing,” Solomon said.

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They asked a second time when several mistakes were discovered, and a third time when the couple’s oldest son brought documents to the attorney general’s office that had been left on the dining room table the night the Sheridans were killed in 2014. “Those documents detail a multi-million-dollar real estate deal on the Camden waterfront that involved powerful political interests in New Jersey,” Solomon said. However, five successive attorneys general never intervened.

Now there is a new attorney general, Matthew J. Platkin. Platkin’s office sent an email to Solomon stating: “Our office is investigating this matter, and our office will follow the evidence, wherever it leads.” “It’s certainly a very cold case,” Solomon said. “But, you know, some cold cases do get solved. So this is a significant development.”

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