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NJ Film Festival Tonight to Feature Two Local Films

Looking for something to do tonight? The NJ Film Festival features two films of local interest, beginning at 7 pm at Rutgers, New Brunswick.

The Shepherd Sings A Song – Director Andrew Ni of Princeton Local newspapers – the printed diaries of hometowns – are no longer the revered community voices they used to be. The Shepherd Sings a Song champions local journalists in Central New Jersey — including The Montgomery News — as they struggle to keep their hometown newspapers afloat, and to balance their community obligations with the strains of maintaining a profit-making enterprise. 2018; 31 min. Q+A Session with Andrew Ni.

Left: Director Janet Gardner of Rocky Hill

Quakers: The Quiet Revolutionaries – Director Janet Gardner of Rocky Hill This documentary tells the story of the Quakers. Demonstrating an influence disproportionate to their numbers, Quakers have been leaders in the anti-slavery, civil rights, and women’s rights movements, and are deeply committed advocates for world peace. The film follows Quakerism from its founding in 17th-century England, as the Religious Society of Friends, to the present. The call of individual conscience and community activism continues to affect the lives of modern Quakers. For example, Philadelphia’s Earth Quaker Action Team is made up of young Friends who are working to ban mountain-top-removal coal mining. 2018; 80 min. Q+A Session with Janet Gardner.

Both films will premiere on the Rutgers campus on Friday, Febraury 8 at 7 pm in Voorhees Hall, 71 Hamilton Street. Tickets are $12; $10; and $9. ■

More Information: New Jersey Film Festival Rutgers Film Co-op/New Jersey Media Arts Center Rutgers University Program in Cinema Studies 4170 Academic Building, 15 Seminary Place New Brunswick, NJ (848) 932-8482 phone

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