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Montgomery Ranks in the Top 25 High Schools in New Jersey — But What Does that Mean

By Barbara A. Preston | April 28, 2022

Montgomery High School has moved up two spots in state standings since last year, but slipped a bit from its 2018 rank as the No. 16 best in the state. Still, it is great news that MHS remains among the best in New Jersey, and in the nation, according to the U.S. News & World Report (US N&WR) released Tuesday.

Montgomery High School graduates, Class of 2021.

It is important to note that many of the top ranked public high schools in New Jersey and the nation — according to US N&WR — are actually small, selective, specialized schools.

For example, the high school that ranks number 4 in the state — High Technology High School — is a public school in Lincroft that "selects" its students.

“Since its founding in 1991, the application and admission process for High Technology High School has become increasingly competitive,” according to the school’s website. “75 students are selected each year from a pool of over 300 outstanding applicants. These students represent a cross-section of students from 45-plus school districts in Monmouth County...”

Should a selective school be compared to a school that, by law, is required to accommodate all students in the district, regardless of ability.

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When county-wide students have to compete for a limited number of seats in a specialized, “selective,” public school, it would surely change the playing field.

New Jersey has 319 school districts, and a total of 445 high schools. US N&WR ranked 406 New Jersey schools.

The Top 25 Schools in New Jersey

25. Montgomery High School, Skillman. (National rank: 592)

Montgomery High School has 1,556 students. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement coursework and exams. The AP participation rate at Montgomery High School is 67 percent. The total minority enrollment is 62 percent, and 4 percent of students are economically disadvantaged. Some may point out that a school such at Montgomery High School is also "selective" based on socio-economic class.

MHS Student Diversity

24. Mountain Lakes High School, Mountain Lakes. National rank: 577

23. Ridge High School, Basking Ridge. National rank: 515

22. Princeton High School, Princeton. National rank: 490

21. Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest. National rank: 464

20. Chatham High School, Chatham. National rank: 458

19. Livingston High School, Livingston. National rank: 438

18. Millburn High School, Millburn. National rank: 418

* (selective) 17. Monmouth County Academy of Allied Health and Science, Neptune. National rank: 377

16. Summit Senior High School, Summit. National rank: 363

15. West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South, West Windsor. National rank: 339

14. West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, Plainsboro. National rank: 293

* (selective) 13. Elizabeth High School, Elizabeth. National rank: 262

12. Glen Ridge High School, Glen Ridge. National rank: 244

* (selective) 11. Marine Academy of Science and Technology, Highlands. National rank: 165

* (selective) 10. Academy for Allied Health Sciences, Scotch Plains. National rank: 146

* (selective) 9. Academy for Information Technology, Scotch Plains. National rank: 116

* (selective) 8. Bergen County Technical High School, Teterboro. National rank: 93

* (selective) 7. Biotechnology High School, Freehold. National rank: 80

* (selective) 6. Middlesex County Academy for Allied Health, Woodbridge. National rank: 69

* (selective) 5. Dr. Ronald E McNair High School, Jersey City. National rank: 68

* (selective) 4. High Technology High School, Lincroft. National rank: 65

* (selective) 3. Bergen County Academies, Hackensack. National rank: 61

* (selective) 2. Union County Magnet High School, Scotch Plains. National rank: 49

* (selective) 1. Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies, Edison. National rank: 23

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