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Posted January 26, 2021

Since he moved to Montgomery Township in 6th grade, Dhruv S. Patel has been fascinated by Montgomery’s volunteer emergency medical service. Observing ambulances race to calls with emergency lights flashing or noticing volunteer emergency medical technicians (EMTs) standing by at community events sparked his curiosity.

His interest, coupled with his passion for helping others, motivated Patel to apply to Montgomery EMS (MEMS) as a sophomore in high school. After being accepted to the cadet program for high school students, he attended an EMT course at the Somerset County Emergency Services Training Academy and then passed the exam to become a certified New Jersey EMT.

Dhruv S. Patel

He says he enthusiastically volunteered to picked up any shifts he could. He wanted to sharpen his skills and help his neighbors and community members. After several months of hard work and dedication, he earned the title of senior cadet leader. He began giving back to the cadet program, assisting with training and planning meetings.

Patel turned 18 in October and began riding as an adult EMT, spending more than 600 hours of his free time (outside of school) on shift duty. He also frequently responds to backup calls when the crew was busy with another call.

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Patel says that treating patients has taught him the importance of teamwork and quick thinking in medicine—two skills he hopes to use in a future career as a physician. Montgomery EMS has become Patel’s second home, where he has met some of his greatest friends and role models.

In his time with MEMS, Patel has served more than 1100 hours and responded to nearly 200 calls. Volunteering as an EMT is his favorite way to spend his time and it allows him to have a positive impact by helping those in need. He looks forward to continuing his service to the community and contributing as much as he can to Montgomery EMS.


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