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Democratic Party Holds Somerset County Seats

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted November 10, 2022 — Updated at November 16

The GOP held Somerset County offices for decades. That changed five years ago. This election, Democrats are presumed to be victorious in the races for county commissioner, sheriff, and county clerk. As of Thursday, November 16, the results are as follows:

Somerset County Commissioner

1 seat open

Amber Murad (Republican) — 52,222

Melonie Marano (Democratic Incumbent) — 61,222

Somerset County Sheriff

1 seat open

John Sheridan (Republican) — 52,113

Darrin Russo (Democratic Incumbent) — 62,242

Somerset County Clerk

1 seat open

Suzanne Maeder (Republican) — 52,773

Steve Peter (Democratic Incumbent) — 61,445

Incumbent County Commissioner Melonie Marano appears to have defeated Amber Murad, a member of the Watchung Borough Board of Education. Incumbent Sheriff Darrin Russo appears to have bested Republican John Sheridan, a retired Hillsborough Police Department detective. Incumbent County Clerk Steve Peter presumably defeated Suzanne Maeder, a member of the Manville Borough Council.

Leading candidates are highlighted in bold. These initial tallies do not represent the final election outcome. Results will be added as they become available, and therefore the reports on this page may change until certification on November 26.

"Thank you Somerset County voters and all our volunteers," Marano posted on social media. "Looks like Darrin, Steve and I have won this election. I’m privileged and honored to continue serving the public."

Ballots mailed in and postmarked by November 8 were accepted until November 14, so results will continue to change. Provisional ballots are not counted until after all mail-in ballots are tallied. Detailed information and results on every race can be found on the county’s website.

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