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Amy Perpetua, 2020 Rocky Hill Borough Council Candidate

Independent Candidate

Amy Perpetua

Laboratory outreach rep and phlebotomist for Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center


Lived in Rocky for 5.5 years. Jon DeRochi, significant other.

Why are you running?

We need solid leadership to help work through the issues in Rocky Hill and bring resolutions for our community. I would like to be a part of a greater good.

Top three issues:

Water system, library and transparency from leadership is important. Water system would be first because I do have health issues and work hard at keeping myself as healthy as possible. The library is almost as equally important for me. I would like to see that as a real gathering place for our community.

Economic growth ideas:

Staying within the realm of a historic downtown is important. Rocky Hill has charm so conversations about options for how to revitalize this would be realistic. Commercial ratables can help to lower property taxes, which should be taken in to serious consideration.

Thoughts on the Mary Jacobs Memorial Library

It is another opportunity to provide community gatherings and events. Moving the municipal center could be one step forward. There are conversations that would need to take place to come up with different options that would make sense. Many residents have expressed the library is an issue that absolutely needs to be resolved now. We have not been able to access the library because of a standstill between the governing body, foundation, and the county. The current situation has many people quite frustrated. I will help push forward to get a resolution to the stand still and move forward from there. The first step to any solution is conversation. If a new slate of borough council members is selected, it is incumbent upon us to take a fresh look at the situation, keeping in mind the best interests of the Rocky Hill community and honoring the memory of Mary and Harold Jacobs. I support seeking legal advice on this matter as it may promote greater transparency.

What are your goals for the municipal water system?

I am for what makes sense and would be the cost effective for our community. I do believe the newly approved filtration system does seem feasible in fixing the current problem.

Police and public safety:

NJ State Police and Franklin Township police are very well-trained. State police in investigative police work. Given the increase in crime overall, I would like to see Franklin police come in and hold the situation steady until state police arrive. I would also like to see Franklin police patrol all the way up Washington Street. ■


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