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Free emergency medical service, or did you want another bill?

Free emergency medical service (EMS) has a long tradition in New Jersey. But, the all-volunteer organizations that do not charge for medical services are an endangered species.

Rocky Hill First Aid & Rescue Squad (RHFARS) and Montgomery EMS (MEMS), continue to operate free of charge, thanks to local volunteers.

Organizations such as Robert Wood Johnson Hospital use ambulance service as a revenue stream, payed by patients and everyone’s insurance premiums. Their service area is expanding yearly in New Jersey.

Did you want another bill?

Would you have been more hesitant to call 911 when you needed emergency medical help if you would have received one? Many people would hesistate. But you won’t get a bill from us. That’s because volunteers are giving their time and expertise in medical and non-medical roles to provide emergency service to the community.

The RHFARS was founded in 1949 and provides free EMS services primarily in Rocky Hill and south Franklin Township. We help at community events and fire scenes and assist outside of our primary response area when requested. Our membership ranks include retirees, stay at home parents, students, those with full or part-time jobs, and the self-employed.

Our volunteers help how and when they can, and RHFARS works with their schedules. Of course, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and people willing to drive an ambulance are always needed, and training is provided.

Predictable schedules are not required

Non-medical volunteers provide essential, though often less obvious, assistance. For example, Outerbridge Morgan Architecture provided free architectural drawings, an accounting teacher serves as treasurer, a marketer developed a member recruitment strategy, a short-order cook organizes the Belgian waffle breakfast fundraiser, and a mechanic serves as our vehicle engineer.

We are not only looking for potential EMTs and drivers, but have other needs, including: an electrician and plumber for small jobs, and a handy person who would be interested in providing ongoing building maintenance advice.

Interested? Email us now at or stop by the Waffle Breakfast on June 16 at Trinity Church in Rocky Hill and meet our squad family in person.

Join us ... or did you want another bill?

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