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The Montgomery News Baking Columnist Opens an Online Bakery

Barbara A. Preston, Editor | NOVEMBER 20

Sarah Kauzmann, The Montgomery News’ baking columnist and ad designer, has founded her own online baking business —Pipit’s Bakery. Readers now have the option of baking her recipes from scratch or conveniently ordering online for home delivery.

Though some of her recipes are not available online. Her specialties: French macarons, brownies, and cookies, are lovingly made in a commercial kitchen in Perkasie, PA.

“Launching a business during a pandemic may not be so smart,” she says, “but it provides a way to make a connection during social distancing. Sending a delicious baked good is a way to make people smile.”

Sarah grew up in Montgomery Township and graduated from Montgomery High School. She learned to bake from her mother, Maria Kauzmann, who is a member of the Rotary Club of Montgomery/Rocky Hill; a graphic designer; and former head of the Montgomery PTSA.

“My mom has always touted herself as a not-so-good cook, but she could bake,” Sarah says.

Sarah would sit on the corner counter in her parent’s kitchen and, as soon as she was old enough to hold a wooden spoon, she started helping.

“For a long time I refused to use an electric mixer,” Sarah says. “Using a wooden spoon is how you put the love into your baking.”

The famous wooden spoon has become an icon in the Kauzmann household. It has been used so often that it broke.

“My dad glued it back together,” she said of her father, Peter Kauzmann, who works with the stage crew at Montgomery High School and is an engineer and sculpture producer.

The spoon even made it into her logo, along with her favorite happy and fierce animal, the otter... because she says her baked goods are “otterly delicious.”

She always does love a good pun. The name of Sarah’s online business comes from her father. His nickname for her is “Pipit.” The first thing Sarah baked on her own — the classic chocolate cookie — is a product available from her online bakery too.

She also makes and sells oatmeal, vegan double chocolate chip, oatmeal creme pie, and (my favorite) lemon sugar cookies. The lemon zest will make your mouth water.

Sarah moved to Pennsylvania for college, and earned a master’s degree in entrepreneurship from Lehigh University, which complements her creative side. Opening her own bakery is a dream come true, she says.

Her best sellers are her French macarons — sweet meringue- based cookies made with egg whites, sugar, and almond flour. They can be filled with buttercream, ganache, or jam. Macaron flavors include: raspberry lavender; Nutella; Mocha; Lemon; Vanilla; Cookies-n-cream; pumpkin spice, and chocolate.

New products added regularly, look for some seasonal treats coming soon. What better gift to send someone for the holiday season?

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