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Local Churches in Blawenburg and Griggstown Offer Online Services

Blawenburg and Griggstown Churches, like so many others, are shutdown while the coronavirus is causing major disruptions in our normal lives. But Pastor Jeff Knol, who serves both churches, didn’t let that stop him from holding worship. On March 15, Pastor Jeff led a complete service via Facebook from the pulpit of the Blawenburg Church.

Pastor Jeff Knol is giving live services online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The format was just like a regular service, but there were no worshipers in the church except for the organist and two people assisting in the service.

“We learned a lot from that service,” said Pastor Jeff. “This week we are going to provide people with a digital version of our bulletin so they can participate in the liturgy and sing the hymns from their homes.”

Pastor Jeff offers a Bible study for interested parishioners each Tuesday. Based on the success of the livestream service, he did a livestream of the Bible study. People could comment and ask questions. The turnout for this form of Bible study was good and included some who don’t usually come to the Tuesday sessions.

One person tuned in from Michigan!

Based on the success of these two endeavors, Pastor Jeff plans to continue streaming worship services and Bible studies for as long as the coronavirus restrictions are in place.

The Sunday services and the Tuesday Bible studies begin at 10 am and are available on Facebook at

Both sessions will remain available on the Facebook site for several days after they are live-streamed.


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