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► Denise Varga (Independent)

Posted September 22, 2020

Denise Varga, a sales associate for Weichert Realtors in Princeton, is running for Rocky Hill Borough Council. She is a lifelong resident of New Jersey, an avid hiker, photographer, and canine enthusiast with a knack for home restoration. She lives in Rocky Hill with her dog, Luke.

Denise Varga

Varga holds two bachelor’s degrees: one in journalism from Cook College at Rutgers University and one in history from Rutgers College.

In Her Words

I am running as a Democrat-leaning Independent candidate. I’m a collaborator and a brainstormer by nature.

What are the three top issues in Rocky Hill?

1. Strategies for reinvesting in our water infrastructure.

2. Scaled/checked development that Rocky Hill residents see as appropriate and desirable.

3. Traffic control, especially a blinking red traffic light at the four-way stop at the corner of Princeton and Crescent avenues. Too many drivers interpret the STOP signs as a mere suggestion.

I don’t have all the solutions to Rocky Hill’s present challenges. I do offer to bring a fresh perspective and energy to the conversation to help solve and manage.

Why are you running for Rocky Hill Borough Council?

I want to contribute to keeping Rocky Hill a special place to call home, and help enhance the resident experience.

My skill set as a Realtor — listening, exploring, examining, discussing, striving for consensus, and project management — hopefully will serve the council and residents well.

What do you love most about Rocky Hill and why?

I’m a fairly new resident (2018) and consider myself lucky to live here! I adore this little hamlet for its neighborly community, and for its variety of attributes — a downtown, quiet suburbs, parks/recreation, history, convenience to day-to day needs, quality schools, and sanctuary feel. I’m also a walker, and just love all the pedestrian-friendly options right out my front door! ■


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