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Airline Pilot and Dad Weaves Firefighting into His Life as a Rocky Hill Volunteer 

The Montgomery News | Posted May 7, 2024

If you have ever thought your schedule did not allow time for firefighting, Skillman resident Steve Resch’s story might just change your mind.

Airline Pilot Steve Resch

Airline Pilot Steve Resch of Skillman with his daughter.


In addition to serving as a volunteer firefighter with Rocky Hill for the past nine years, Resch is a pilot for JetBlue, a husband and a father to two children. Although his work schedule fluctuates from month-to-month, he typically works Monday through Thursday as an on-call pilot, including some pre-scheduled trips as well. 

“I think it's a really great opportunity to learn different skills and kind of branch off from what you do professionally,” said Resch. “With my job, there are times when I must remain calm, focused and put my feelings aside to get a task done. That’s something that I carried with me, from being an emergency services personnel to my job, and it has definitely helped me in that aspect.” 

Prior to joining the Rocky Hill Fire Department, Resch volunteered with another fire company starting as a junior firefighter at 14.

“I initially became a volunteer because I thought it was something different. I've always had an interest in becoming a firefighter, and ultimately, I was thinking about doing it as a professional career. I ended up doing something different, but I am glad that I can still help people through volunteering,” said Resch.


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A Family Vibe

Resch describes the environment at Rocky Hill as a second family. The volunteers always have each other’s back, and the fact that the department is a bit smaller allows members to receive a heightened level of training. 

To those interested in joining the fire department who are apprehensive about balancing it with other priorities, Resch encourages them to give it a try. Rocky Hill volunteers are only asked to give as much time as they can. 

Fitting It All In

“I have two kids, three dogs, a wife and a house, and that itself is a full-time job. It can be difficult to manage everything, but it is a great opportunity. If your schedule is tight and you may not be able to make fire school work, you can come down to the firehouse on Tuesday nights and train there until you have the time to go to fire school,” said Resch. 

“Rocky Hill is a great organization, and because it’s a small town, it’s a little bit easier to make your emergency call percentages necessary to become a certified firefighter,” he added. 

No experience is required to join, and training and gear are provided for free. To learn more about volunteering, visit 


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