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Pilot Walks Away from Plane Crash in Cemetery Off Millstone-River Road

Bystanders observed a recreational airplane crash into Sacred Heart Cemetery near Central Jersey Regional Airport in Hillsborough on Tuesday, July 14, about 5:30 pm.

The unidentified pilot had stopped at the regional airport for fuel, according to an airport employee. Shortly after retaking to the air, the small, hand-made plane banked left, clipped a chain-link fence, and landed upside-down on the cemetery lawn. Eye witnesses told The Montgomery News that they watched the pilot as he opened the plane door and walked out seemingly unscathed.

According to the FAA Registry, the fixed wing, single-engine plane is registered to Joel A. Gubernat of Lebanon in Hunterdon County. Photo by Barbara A. Preston.

Flight tracking data online shows the plane took off from Vansant Airport in Erwinna, PA at 4:11 pm on Tuesday and landed at Central Jersey Regional Airport at 4:59 pm on Tuesday.

At about 5:30 pm, first responders from Hillsborough Stations 37, 38, and 10 responded to Central Jersey Regional Airport on Millstone River Rd for the report of an overturned plane with a fuel leak.

The Somerset County Haz-Mat team secured the plane's fuel leak. Photo by Barbara A. Preston.

Witnesses said there were no passengers on the plane. The accident is under investigation.


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