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Pike Run Vehicles Burglarized

April 5, 2021

Burglars stole money, loose change, and personal belongings from four unlocked vehicles in the Pike Run community during the overnight hours of April 1 to 2.

“At this time we do not have a description on any involved party,” Lt. Silvio Bet said in a press release issued Monday at 8:23 am.

Pike Run in Belle Mead

The Montgomery Township Police Department encourages residents to lock their vehicles, especially overnight, to avoid motor vehicle burglaries.

Cars stolen in Hillsborough over Easter weekend

Two cars were stolen and multiple cars were burglarized in Hillsborough over the weekend. All of the cars were left unlocked, Hillsborough police said.

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Police remind residents to lock their cars and remove valuables. "Residents are reminded to be diligent in locking their vehicles and avoid leaving keys, fobs and other valuable items in plain sight," said Hillsborough Police Sgt. Stephen Nowacki.


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