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Monty EMS Members Win a Land Rover for Their Squad

By Barbara A. Preston l October 1, 2021

Montgomery Emergency Medical Services members Tharun and Saahith Potluri won an all-wheel-drive 2022 Land Rover Defender, valued at about $50,000, for Squad 47.

The brothers won the award by creating a video that captured the spirit of Squad 47 — which was part of a senior project they made for school. In addition to submitting the video to their teacher at Princeton Day School, they also submitted the video to Land Rover's "Above and Beyond Service Award," which included a grand prize of a 2022 Land Rover Defender for their squad. Land Rover announced the award during an online ceremony of September 28.

Tharun and Saahith Potluri graduated from Princeton Day School in 2021. They have been Montgomery EMS volunteers throughout high school.

The Potluri twins they spent many community service hours volunteering with the Montgomery EMS during high school. Naturally, they decided to implement Squad 47 and their invaluable service into their senior project. All PDS students must complete a senior project, and for the last six weeks of each academic year, they explore independence through opportunities off campus or through one-on-one projects at school. These opportunities may involve investigating career possibilities, community service or focused pursuit of a particular interest, talent or lifelong dream. For Tharun and Saahith, their project was the video.

Upon winning the award, Tharun said, “We pride ourselves on our motto, ‘neighbors helping neighbors,’ and having a vehicle like the Defender is going to be crucial in providing emergency medical care to the residents of our township.”


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