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Mary Jacobs Foundation Submits Plans for New Signs, Patio, and New Entrance Doors

By The Montgomery Township Reporting Staff | Posted November 8, 2022

The Rocky Hill Planning Board will hear an application from the Mary Jacobs Foundation on Tuesday, November 15, at 7 pm. The board will review the foundation's proposed improvements to the former library building at 64 Washington Street, including a concrete patio and associated sidewalks, new entrance doors, and new signs on the southerly side of the existing building.

A new sign for the former Mary Jacobs Memorial Library in Rocky Hill leaves room for two tenants.

At the virtual meeting, the planning board will consider the application for a Minor Site Plan and Major Historic Preservation Plan for the property.

Rocky Hill Planning Board Engineer Thomas R. Decker, who is an associate with Van Cleef Engineering, filed a technical review document with the borough presenting the following comments on the foundation's plans.

  • The foundation should testify as to whether the site provides sufficient parking to meet the needs of the site’s proposed uses. The parking lot is shared [with the Rocky Hill Community Group]. Any approval should be conditioned on the provision of adequate parking to serve the community group and the foundation.

  • The property is located in the CL Community Land Zoning District. Permitted uses in the CL Community Land District include public parks, municipal offices and storage facilities, and public utilities. Conditional uses in the CL Community Land district include the following per Ordinance §80-94D(1): Public libraries, facilities for community and civic groups, cemeteries, facilities for fire and rescue emergency services owned and operating by nonprofit organizations, public and private nursery schools, and group homes serving low- and moderate-income households and in compliance with all regulations of the Council on Affordable Housing.

"A separate application to the [Rocky Hill] Planning Board must be made if uses proposed by future tenants are outside the permitted or conditional uses defined in §80-94. A use variance may be required," Decker wrote.

Rocky Hill Borough is using GoToMeeting to host virtual borough planning board meetings. The public can participate in the Rocky Hill Planning Board meeting on November 15 at 7 pm using the following video link via computer, tablet or smartphone: .

Or, use a phone to join. Dial: 866.899.4679 Access Code: 774-931-749.

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