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EMS SPOTLIGHT - Michelle Reim

April 15, 2021

Michelle Reim has been dedicated to the Montgomery EMS since she first stepped foot in the station on Harlingen road. The Montgomery native is the youngest of five children, so she is no stranger to action.

Michelle Reim

Reim says she has always had a passion for the medical field and knew early on she wanted to pursue it as a profession. In high school she stumbled upon the Montgomery EMS Cadet program. Although it was a heavy workload, Reim enjoyed the summer class with her peers, and was excited to work together to help the improve the lives of community members. While balancing her full course load in high school, Reim was able to study and pass the National Registry EMT Exam.

She then hit the ground running. She’s treated more than 100 patients in her short time with Montgomery EMS. When Reim first joined, the opportunity to learn first aid was the most attractive draw. Now, Reim admits, the Montgomery EMS has taught her so much more—including communication skills, which have become vital towards her success. Reim says she has grown through her experiences within the organization.

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Regardless of whether she’s in uniform or on the ambulance, the EMS protocols have become part of Reim’s instincts. While on a flight home from a vacation last summer, another passenger experienced a medical emergency. When the call came for help, Reim jumped right in. Despite being the youngest on the flight, she was able to lead the cabin crew and other passengers throughout the episode and ultimately took care of the patient until she could transfer care to the emergency medical personnel on the ground. Reim’s maturity comes through in her work and she always faces the task in front of her head on. Among other achievements, Reim became a senior cadet leader her junior year, and was determined to help her community in a time of need throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reim will continue to pursue her dream to work in the medical field as she takes her next step, attending nursing school this fall. She says she is excited to keep serving those in need and knows that everything she learns from this point on will be built upon the foundation of what she learned with Montgomery EMS. Whether it be in the back of an ambulance or down the road in a hospital, she will continue working towards the ultimate dream of delivering a baby.


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