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A New Era of Cricket

By Snigdha Joshi | March 24, 2022

With the sport of cricket becoming increasingly popular in Montgomery, the township is ready to build its newest cricket pitch on a softball field in Montgomery’s Veteran’s Park. It should be ready by early April.

From left: CCE Warriors Cricket Club members Sudheer Reddy and Jigar Gandhi, Montgomery Township Recreation Director Karen Zimmerman, Committeewoman Neena Singh, John Groeger, Nick Barot, and Monil Modi at Veteran’s Park, where the cricket pitch will be built.

A Montgomery-based cricket club called the Country Club Estate (CCE) Warriors is leading the initiative. The club has been active for a few years and has more than 80 members and 40 active players.

CCE Warriors Club President Nick Barot says, “Most of the players played the game growing up. We believe this emotional connection brings us all together as a community and helps us know each other better.”

The club will pay for the construction of the pitch, which will cost about $15,000 to $20,000. Barot says the CCE Warriors are registering the club as a non-profit organization. Despite the Warriors paying for the pitch’s construction, the pitch will still be owned by the township. The Warriors will get priority when booking the field for their practices.

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Cricket — for those who don’t know — is a ball and bat game played by two teams of 11 players each. The team with the most runs, after getting 10 wickets or outs, wins. One way to score runs is for the batsman to run across the pitch after hitting the ball.

Barot says the club thanks the Recreation Department and Township Committeewoman Neena Singh for their support.

The club will use the pitch to practice and to prepare to participate in the New Jersey Soft Ball Cricket League (NJSBCL) this spring. The league has about 80 teams. In addition, they plan to run cricket camps for kids in hopes of promoting the sport and involving more of the younger generation.

The construction of this pitch could introduce a new sport to many Montgomery residents, ultimately bringing about a new era of cricket in Montgomery.

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