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Pork Roll found on Muslim’s Windshield in Belle Mead

Authorities are investigating a bias crime in Pike Run, in which two pieces of pork roll were found on the windshield of a longtime resident’s car sometime before 1:42 pm on Saturday, April 14.

The items are “considered offensive to the victim’s religious and cultural beliefs,” according to a press release issued by Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson. Sometime before 1:42 p.m. on Saturday, April 14 someone left items — considered offensive to the victim’s religious and cultural beliefs — on the windshield of a car parked in the driveway of a family home in the Belle Mead section of town, Robertson said.

Detectives are interviewing potential witnesses and the victims. Captain Jack Bennett, communications director of the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office, said “it remains an ongoing investigation.”

Captain Bennett did not answer the following question: Have there been any other recent bias crimes in Montgomery or in the surrounding area?

The victim, Kamran Quraishi, spoke to the Montgomery Town- ship Committee in May, thanking them and the community for its support.

“I really appreciate the response I have gotten from the community of Montgomery,” he told the committee. “It’s been overwhelming. I really didn’t expect that much.

“I spoke with Mayor (Mark) Conforti today. He met with me for coffee, and Ms. (Sadaf) Jaffer also joined. Ed (Trzaska) and Ms. (Patricia) Graham also reached out to me via email.

“I am really impressed with the community and the elected officials’ response. We elected the right people, that’s for sure.”

The police department has also been really helpful, he added. Capt Thomas Wain and Lt James Gill “have reached out to me and I had a really good meeting with the police officers here. All were very supportive. We have an excellent police department and we should really appreciate that.”

“My son was very upset,” Quraishi told the committee. “He was upset about going out. I said to him there is nothing to worry about. We are in good hands. We should not let these people put us down like this.”

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