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Skillman Consumer Healthcare Company to Relocate HQ, Layoffs

Posted March 14, 2024

“While Johnson & Johnson’s consumer healthcare spinoff Kenvue prepares to move into a swanky new headquarters in Summit, it appears some staffers won’t be joining the company in the transition,” according to Fierce Pharma.

Kenvue disclosed 51 layoffs in a Worker Adjustment Retraining and Notification (WARN) alert in February. According to the notice, the layoffs will go into effect the first half of this year in Skillman.

Kenvue, which markets well-known brands such as Tylenol, Listerine, and Band-Aid, plans to move its HQ from 199 Grandview Road in Skillman to a new global corporate headquarters in Summit, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing last year.

Kenvue entered a long-term lease agreement for a large campus in Summit starting in 2025 ...” according to Fierce Pharma.


It is unknown what Kenvue plans to do with its 160-acre Skillman campus, which it owns. It is valued at $41.3 million by njparcels. J&J/Kenvue owns a farm at 76 Grandview, which it bought for $821,000 in 1990.

Meanwhile, in California, Kenvue disclosed 84 layoffs set to take effect in April.


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