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Notice of Annual Fire District Election and Budget Referendum in Montgomery Township

The Montgomery News | Posted February 5, 2024

Notice is hereby given that the annual fire district election will be held on Saturday, February 17 at the Montgomery Township Fire Company No. 2 firehouse at 529 County Route 518, in Blawenburg.

Polls will be open between the hours of 2 pm and 9 pm for the purpose of voting on the annual budget for Montgomery Township FD No. 2 for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2024 and ending December 31, 2024, in the amount of $1,371,280, of which the sum of $1,035,500 is to be raised by taxation.

Voters will also elect three fire commissioners, one for a one-year term and two for three-year terms on the BOFC District No 2.

Montgomery Township Fire Company No 2

A firefighter with Montgomery Township Volunteer Fire Company No. 2 (Blawenburg). File photo.

The adopted budget subject to referendum is available at the Montgomery Municipal Building, on the BOFC website, and set forth below. Mail-in ballots for the election must be requested from the Office of the Somerset County Clerk. Registered voters may apply by mail, or in person or via authorized messenger, for a mail-in ballot until 3 pm of the day before the election.


The amount to be raised by taxation would be increased by 2 percent.


Advertising $1,000

Office Expenses $19,500          

Election Expenses $6,500          

Professional Fees  $41,000

Total Administration  $68,000.00  

Cost of Operations and Maintenance

Apparatus Housing $192,000          

Insurance  $119,800          

Medical  $7,000

Repairs and Maintenance $66,000

Adjoining Municipal Service Contracts  $ 32,000

Aid to First Aid/Rescue Squad  $ 4,000.

Utilities  $9,000.00          

Fuel  $ 12,000

Snow Removal $10,000

Testing and Inspections  $11,500

Other operating $15,000.00

Training $45,000

Contingent Expenses $10,000

Supplies/New Equipment $63,200

State Supplemental Fire Services Grant $1,780

Total Operations and Maintenance  $598,280

LOSAP $55,000

Capital Reserve Appropriation $650,000.00

Total Appropriations $1,371,280


Interest $30,000

Grants  $1,780

Fund Balance Utilized $304,000

Total Revenues and Fund Balance Utilized  $335,780 

Amount to be raised by taxation  $1,035,500

Total Anticipated Revenues $1,371,280.

-- From a legal notice in a Bridgewater newspaper. (NJ law requires certain legal notices be published in a weekly or daily newspaper. Because The Montgomery News is a monthly newspaper, it does not qualify.)

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