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New Retail Building Approved for Montgomery Place

By Barbara A. Preston | March 3, 2022

The Montgomery Township Planning Board unanimously approved a resolution on Monday night, granting Montgomery Place LLC final site plan approval to construct another retail building in a shopping center at the corner of Route 206 and Belle Mead-Griggstown Road.

The new building is situated above. Stem Academy daycare center is expected to open in the building on the left, and Dogtopia doggy daycare is approved for the building on the top right. Image is from Loop Net.

The new building will permit up to three tenant spaces, including an Asian gourmet foods grocery store.

The planning board had granted preliminary subdivision and site plan approval for the construction of a building on July 18, 2016.

Achal Jain, the chief development officer for Kasia Food Market, a gourmet Asian food grocery store is the proposed tenant for the new building. Jain told the planning board that Kasia Food Market will feature fresh local vegetables, fresh fish, and an on-site butcher. He anticipates operational hours of 8 am to 9 pm for the public, and 7 am to 10 pm for the employees, seven days a week.

Trash disposal will be managed through on-site trash dumpsters plus recycling containers. Jain said deliveries are anticipated 9 am through 6 pm, Monday through Friday, with a combination of 52-foot tractor trailers and refrigerator box trucks. In response to board questions, Jain confirmed the building mezzanine will be used by Kasia Food Markets only for storage, not habitable space.

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The planning board's resolution grants Montgomery Place LLC the amended preliminary and final site plan approval to allow construction of the new building, with a variance to allow a maximum height for the decorative roof peaks of 32.47 feet.

The front façade will have decorative peaks along the roof. In addition, two loading bays plus a service area have been added to the rear of the building. A retaining wall has been added to the rear of the building along with two trash enclosures within masonry walls.

In addition, four dual EV charging stations will be provided resulting in eight EVSE spaces, one of which will be accessible. In addition, a bicycle rack as been added at the request of the site plan/subdivision committee.

Rakesh R. Darji, P.E., P.P., C.M.E, of Environmental Resolutions, Inc. advised that the applicant has agreed to add "no Idling signs" to the plans.


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