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Montgomery Township Republican Organization Elects New Leader

By Barbara A. Preston | January 28, 2022 The Montgomery Township Republican Organization unanimously elected long-time resident and community leader Rosy Thakkar to serve as its chairperson on January 27. Thakkar is the first woman, first South Asian American, and first Sikh American to lead the Montgomery GOP.

Montgomery Township Republican Organization: Chairwoman Rosy Thakkar; 1st Vice Chairman Ted Maciag; and 2nd Vice Chairwoman Christine Madrid.
Clockwise from left: Newly elected leaders of the Montgomery Township Republican Organization: Chairwoman Rosy Thakkar; 1st Vice Chairman Ted Maciag; and 2nd Vice Chairwoman Christine Madrid.

"Being elected chair [person] of the Montgomery Township Republican Organization, is an honor and privilege," Thakkar said. "I look forward to working alongside Ted Maciag, Christine Zurich Madrid, Mark Caliguire, and Ed Trzaska, former mayors of Montgomery Township, as well as other leaders in town. I am excited for this opportunity to lead the Montgomery Township GOP."

Outgoing chair person and former Montgomery Mayor Ed Trzaska congratulated Thakkar on her election. “Rosy has been a generous, hardworking member of our community for years, and I know that her receptive and inclusive leadership style will serve our group and our township well,” Trzaska remarked. “I could think of nobody better suited for this position, and I can’t wait to see all that Rosy goes on to accomplish in this role. The future is looking bright for the Montgomery Township Republican Party.”

After recognizing the many accomplishments of several local Republican leaders, including Trzaska, Caliguire, Maciag, and Madrid, Thakkar outlined her plan to “jumpstart” and “revitalize” Montgomery’s Republican group and grow the organization "from the ground up.” Thakkar said, “My top priority is to give Republicans a real platform to organize and voice their concerns, while also engaging in sincere outreach to unaffiliated and Democratic residents, so that we can work together to continue improving the township we call home.”

In her more than 20 years as a Skillman resident, Rosy Thakkar has been an active member of the community, most notably in support of the public school system, where her two children were enrolled from kindergarten through 12th grade. Thakkar has served on the Montgomery Township Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) as well as the Montgomery Township Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA), and has organized a variety of noteworthy community events, including the Back-to-School Barbecue dedicated towards serving special needs students.

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Drawing upon these experiences, Thakkar noted that “Montgomery Township wouldn’t be the incredible place it is today without the tireless, often thankless work of so many devoted members of our community. Those who help to maintain the top-tier quality of our public education system; our all-volunteer EMS squad; our police and fire departments, who go into harm’s way to protect each and every one of us — these are the everyday heroes whose steadfast dedication keeps this town moving forward, and whose efforts our organization will strive to support.” Tim Howes, the Chair of the Somerset County Republican Organization, voiced his praise for Thakkar as well. "Rosy Thakkar brings energy, common sense, and a new perspective. She will build the party, and continue the Montgomery RMS’s tradition of excellence.”

As one of the first Sikh and South Asian American women to take on a leadership role within the Republican Party, Thakkar’s election has already begun to draw the attention of several key party leaders, including Jack Ciattarelli, the party’s 2021 standard-bearer: “Rosy Thakkar’s election as the Republican municipal chairperson of Montgomery Township is an exciting development for the local party, as well as for the greater Somerset County Republican Organization. I look forward to working with Rosy on candidate recruitment, fundraising, and winning elections at the township, county, and all other levels of government. ”

While noting that plenty of hard work lay ahead of her, Thakkar said that she’s up for the challenge. “Above all else, I want every resident to know that they will always have a chance to be heard by the Montgomery Township Republican Organization going forward. By earnestly listening to one another and always providing a seat at the table to anyone looking to get involved, we’ll work together to solve any problems that come our way, and maintain our town’s status as one of the best places to live in the entire country.”

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