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Montgomery Law Enforcement Officers Commended for Stellar Performance on the Job

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted October 19, 2023

Montgomery Township Committee honored two groups of MTPD officers at its recent meeting.

First Proclamation

The committee’s first proclamation recognized a group of nine law enforcement agents for their efforts leading to the arrest of suspects in a local burglary that targeted Asian-American business owners.

From left: Montgomery Committeeman Dennis Ahn, Detective Joseph Ceccato, Sgt. Daniel Balinski, Officer Connor Chapkowski, Officer James Ward, Officer Chris Parlow, and Mayor Devra Keenan. Missing: Sgt. Brian Hofacker, Sgt. Ryan Gray, Detective Chris Bleistine, and Officer Delio Coutinho.

“The quick actions and courageous response of the officers resulted in the successful and safe arrest of three burglary suspects,” according to the proclamation. Township Committee members thanked the officers for working persistently and tirelessly to protect the lives and property of Montgomery residents while preserving the peace.

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Second Proclamation

The second proclamation recognized a group of four officers for their dedicated public service. Specially, the officers held a public information session for Montgomery residents to education Asian-American business owners on how to protect their property and themselves.

From left: Detective Adam Verducci, Montgomery Committeeman Dennis Ahn, Lt. Andrew Perry, and Detective Joseph Ceccato. Sgt. Brian Hofacker was on duty elsewhere.


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