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Middle School Student Wins National Award for Creating a Music App

The Montgomery News | Posted March 6, 2024

Eighth grader Ryan Naini, 13, won theCoderSchool 2024 Best National App award. Naini, who attends Montgomery Upper Middle School, created the app called Lyriks using React, an open-source front-end JavaScript library.

Ryan Naini and his mother Aparna Sahoo in the Montgomery Library.

He told The Montgomery News that he created the app because he “likes listening to music and he also likes to code, so he figured the project would be a good combination of those things.” “I guess the best thing about it is users can create a playlist and browse music for free. You don’t have to pay for a membership or anything.”

Naini, who is a student at theCoderSchool in Belle Mead, has attended Montgomery Township public schools since first grade. He has been coding for about a year, he said. He recently moved to Princeton with his family, and plans to attend Princeton High School in the fall.


His father, Dr. Sean Naini, is a primary care physician with Penn Medicine at Princeton and his mother Dr. Aparna (Liza) Sahoo, is a nephrologist in Princeton, and head of Clinical Development for ProKidney Corp.

Naini has no plans to follow his parents’ footsteps into medicine. He said his plans are to be a software engineer. He is interested in becoming a fullstack developer.


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