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Meet the Husband-Wife Team Behind Orangetheory Fitness in Montgomery

By Adam Espejo | Posted November 30, 2023

Husband and wife Mark and Marcella Livolsi always had a passion for sports and fitness. So, the idea of owning a gym appealed to both of them. According to LinkedIn, they now own three: Orangetheory Bedminster, Orangetheory Somerville, and the newly opened Orangetheory Montgomery, all located in Somerset County.

The Montgomery Business Association (MBA) welcomed Orange Theory to Skillman with a ribbon cutting ceremony this summer. From left: MBA President James Danner of Red Barn Printing; Montgomery Township Committeewoman Patricia Taylor Todd; Deputy Mayor Neena Singh; Owners Mark and Marcella Livolsi; Montgomery Committeeman Dennis Ahn, and MBA board member Tracy Sonner of Keller Williams Real Estate.

“I was a gym guy,” Mark told The Montgomery News. “I used to work out in the attic.” Mark said he has always been involved in athletics and sports, thanks in large part to his father. “We joked about opening up a gym one day, and calling it John’s Gym after my dad.”

Mark says he was drawn to Montgomery eight years ago, and he and his wife and two children have recently made the move from Bergen County to Somerset County. He adds that he and his wife have always wanted to have a business they stand behind in a place that they love. Mark has been involved in fostering friendships and community with the members of the gym as well as with the town.

Marcella Livolsi with daughters Gianna (Gigi) and Margot.

“People aren’t just working out with each other, they’re pushing each other, and they know about each other’s lives and their families.”

Mark graduated from Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey) in 1991. He had begun his academic career as a business major before changing majors a number of times, finally settling on earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, with a concentration in Graphic Design. He then worked as a senior designer for 15 years at Sigma Group, an advertising and marketing agency based in Upper Saddle River.

Mark Livolsi.

In an interview with The Montgomery News, he explained that he first came into contact with Orangetheory at a franchise expo at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City in the summer of 2014. Mark explains that the big, bright orange splat logo caught his eye.

It turns out that the logo was inspired by what a fat cell looks like when it explodes, according to Orangetheory’s science-backed, heart rate-based model towards fitness and exercise captivated him. With the franchise model, he was able to use the existing model of Orangetheory and apply his own personality to his studios, allowing him great freedom to explore and connect with the members of his community.

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In 2016, Livolsi opened his first Orangetheory in Bedminster, New Jersey, before expanding to Somerville and Montgomery. At first, resistant to the idea of group workout classes, Mark says he heard some testimonials from professional athletes such as Brendon Ayanbadejo and Amani Toomer. He gave the Orangetheory workout style a chance, and once he saw the results for himself, he was hooked.

The goal of every Orangetheory workout “is to spend 12 minutes or more with your heart rate elevated in ‘The Orange Zone’ to boost your metabolism, burn fat and burn more calories.”

Despite the new year coming up soon, Mark asserts that New Year is not the only time someone should hit the gym. “New Year is our busiest time,” he continues, “There’s really no reason to wait until New Year. You can start your resolution early.”

With the first class free, a money-back guarantee, and the lowest rates for classes, Mark explains that he wants to help grow the business while simultaneously helping the community grow.

Orangetheory Montgomery

1320 Van Horne Rd (Route 206)

Montgomery, NJ 08558


Instagram: otfmontgomerynj


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