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Former Monty Mayor Is High Vote Getter in Primary Election — See District 16 Results

By Barbara A. Preston l Posted June 8, 2021 — Updated 11 am on June 9

Two Montgomery Township residents ran in the District 16 primary election on Tuesday, June 8. One was victorious.

Sadaf Jaffer of Montgomery Township won her primary race on Tuesday.

Sadaf Jaffer, the former mayor of Montgomery, garnered the highest number of votes in the District 16 primary election to represent the Democratic Party for state assembly in the November General Election. She and Incumbent Roy Frieman of Hillsborough defeated challenger Faris Zwirahn of Princeton.

The other Montgomery resident, Jeff Grant, lost his bid to represent the Republican Party in the District 16 state senate race. He lost to Michael Pappas of Branchburg.

Current NJ Senator Kip Bateman (R) did not run for re-election and is retiring from public office.

Unofficial results for District 16 Senator:


  • Michael Pappas - 6,774 (64.6%) winner

  • Jeffrey E. Grant - 3,702 (35%)

Pappas will face Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker of Kingston, who is giving up his Assembly seat to run for state senate. Zwicker ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination.

  • Andrew Zwicker

Unofficial results for District 16 Assembly

Democratic Party

  • Sadaf Jaffer - 7,869 (44%) winner

  • Roy Freiman - 7,504 (42%) winner

  • Faris Zwirahn - 2,485 (14%)

Republicans (uncontested)

  • Vincent T. Panico

  • Joseph A. Lukac III

The results, compiled by the Associated Press, will be updated during the upcoming days as mail-in ballots and provisional ballots are counted.


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