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EMS Spotlight: Kris Hendrickson of Montgomery Township

Posted January 23, 2022

As an airline pilot, Montgomery High School graduate Kris Hendrickson (Class of 2010) traveled all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico, spending time in cities from Halifax to Veracruz.

As 2020 began, and we all sank into the midst of the COVID pandemic, he did what any logical person would do — he started a new business.

Despite the timing, the business has fared well and Hendrickson is now part owner and chief pilot of Elite Flight Experience, a flight school based at the Princeton Airport. He spends his days teaching others how to fly. This career move brought him back to his hometown, where he quickly got involved with Montgomery EMS.

Kris Hendrickson
First Responder Kris Hendrickson

Hendrickson started as an ambulance driver and acted as a crew member on more than 200 calls throughout the past year spanning a wide variety of emergencies. During Hurricane Ida, he was one of countless first responders in Montgomery who spent 24 hours straight responding to various emergencies throughout Somerset County — including several water rescues.

In September, Hendrickson began attending the Somerset County Emergency Services Training Academy on nights and weekends and as of this writing, just became a fully state certified EMT. Hendrickson says that becoming a first responder has been rewarding beyond anything he could have imagined.

“It’s a privilege to be able to help people in their times of crisis,” he says.

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Hendrickson says he looks forward to continuing to ride with MEMS and serving his community for the foreseeable future. ■

Montgomery Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) is an all volunteer organization, providing 911 emergency basic life support ambulance service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the 22,254 residents as well as visitors to Montgomery, and does so with absolutely no charge. MEMS also provides non-emergency ambulance transport service for residents. Visit to volunteer or donate.


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