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Democrats Win Big in Montgomery/Rocky Hill, Again

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted November 9, 2023

Montgomery and Rocky Hill voters elected Democratic candidates across the board—from local municipal races through to the state senate—during the general election on Tuesday.

Four local Democratic candidates won local municipal seats Tuesday. From left: Montgomery Township Committee Members Dennis Ahn and Patricia Taylor Todd were re-elected. Rocky Hill elected newcomer Luis Silvestre and incumbent Richard J. Novak to Borough Council.

Montgomery Township Committee

3-Year Term

* Patricia Taylor Todd (D) (i) — 3,780 (61 percent of the vote)

Pam Booth (R) — 2,354 (38 percent of the vote)

There were also 19 write-in candidates.

Montgomery Township Committee

1-Year Term

* Dennis Ahn (D) (i) — 3,791 (62 percent of the vote)

Marion Sanders (R) — 2,336 (38 percent of the vote)

Rocky Hill Borough Council

* Richard J. Novak (D) (i) — 198 (42 percent of the vote)

* Luis Silvestre (D) — 153 (33 percent of the vote)

Susan Bristol (I) — 119 (25 percent of the vote)

Somerset County Commissioners

* Douglas Singleterry (D) (i) — 39,237 (27 percent of the vote)

* Paul Drake (D) (i) — 39,057 (26 percent of the vote)

Donald Lemma (R) — 35,153 (24 percent of the vote)

Daniel Gallic (R) — 34,838 (23 percent of the vote)

State Senate DISTRICT 16

* Andrew Zwicker (D) (i) — 31,955 (55 percent of the vote)

Michael Pappas (R) — 24,889 (43 percent of the vote)

State Assembly DISTRICT 16

* Roy Freiman (D) (i) — 31,501 (28 percent of the vote)

* Mitchelle Drulis (D) — 30,995 (27 percent of the vote)

Grace Zhang (R) — 25,547 (22.5 percent of the vote)

Ross Traphagen (R) — 25,279 (22 percent of the vote)


These initial tallies do not represent the final election outcome. Results are added as they become available, and therefore the reports on this page will change until final certification on November 27.

N.J. voters strengthen the Democrats' control of the state legislature.

  • The Democrats prevailed in four battleground districts that were key to the GOP bid to upset the State House balance, including District 3, where first-term senator Ed Durr was defeated by Democrat John Burzichelli.

  • In District 11, a race where Republicans were expected to be competitive, incumbent Democrat Sen. Vin Gopal handily turned aside the challenge by Stephen Dnistrian.

  • And in the Assembly races, the Democrats picked up five seats — including two each in District’s 3 and 11 — bolstering their control of the lower house.


Percentage of Registered Voters Who Voted

30.32 percent

Ballots Cast 77,165

Registered Voters 254,534


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